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Self-publishing a book is the most Silicon Valley move an author can make nowadays. Forget about literary agents and antiquated traditional publishers and just go straight to the market through self-publishing using technology. Let the consumers decide if the product is any good. That’s the Silicon Valley way.

J.J. Hebert, a renowned high net worth entrepreneur, apparently is a believer of the above strategy because in 2009, he formed MindStir Media, a self-publishing platform that helps writers design, edit, publish, distribute and market books, without the need of agents nor traditional publishers. Hebert’s platform makes book publishing more accessible for those who need help with self-publishing but don’t want to do it all on their own. MindStir connects authors with the needed publishing professionals to properly design and edit their books and more.

J.J. Hebert is building a Silicon Valley style self-publishing platform, MindStir Media
J.J. Hebert, MindStir Media LLC Founder

To further streamline self-publishing, MindStir Media uses an online portal to communicate with its authors, share files, get approvals and then submit to the printer and ebook channels for publishing. The author doesn’t have to face rejections or wait two years to be published. Self-publishing through MindStir Media is a quick and painless 90-day process or thereabouts. J.J. Hebert also mentors the authors — and he doesn’t just help other high net worth clients; he helps everyone.

In 2021, MindStir Media took tech a step further by using its growing self-publishing website to connect authors and their books with celebrities. So far, J.J. Hebert and MindStir have teamed up with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington (est. $500 million net worth) and actress Mariel Hemingway (granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway). The celebrities film promotional YouTube videos for MindStir authors, among other services.

J.J. Hebert is the brains behind MindStir Media and its forward-looking services for authors. He is the CEO of the company. He writes for Forbes and Entrepreneur and is a USA Today, Wall Street Journal and no. 1 Amazon bestselling author. To learn more about self-publishing and J.J. Hebert, go to to download a free self-publishing guide.