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“The Roaring Twenties” also known as the “Jazz Age” was viewed as a period of social revolution and Economic prosperity. Society changed as inhibitions faded. On Thursday October 28, 2021, the ambiance at Chuck’s Vintage took on a “Roaring Twenties” Vibe for their Pre-Halloween Bash.

A “Roaring Twenties” Red Carpet Soiree at Chuck’s Vintage NYC Flagship Store
Rob Rich/

Distinguished guests stepped out in their chic retro style outfits for a much-anticipated Pre-Halloween party. According to CEO Vinnie Cammarata “Selecting a location that fits the theme of our event was very important.” “Hence why the party was held at our flagship store in Manhattan.” Tucked at the lower level setting, the store was ideal for a Speakeasy style Bash.

Karen McAuliffe, Nancy Pearson, Delania Dixon, Adrienne Stern, Audrey Felli photo by Rob Rich/ ©2021

The night was EPIC, as cheerful distinguished guests arrived in their most memorable fashion trend of the Roaring Twenties. Ladies in their flap dresses were adorned with lavish jewelry and feathered glitzy hair accessories. CEO Vinnie Cammarata and company set the tone for the men, wearing a pin striped tuxedo with a bow tie. Others wore a semi-formal wear, top hats with dinner jackets and flat ironed pants.

Natalie Ross, guest, Natacha Ross photo by Rob Rich/ ©2021

Upon arrival, guests were captured on the Red Carpet, in front of the Step and Repeat, featuring a picture of Vinnie Cammarata’s late wife, Madeline Cammarata and Ambassador Sage who died soon after the passing of Madeline Cammarata. There is no doubt there was a special connection between Madeline Cammarata and Sage.

Rob Rich/

The “Roaring Twenties” era was also known as the “Jazz Age,” a term used to stress the popularity of the genre of jazz music during the 1920s. Guests were welcomed to the sound of a Live Jazz Duo during the Happy Hour. The live entertainment continued with DJ Lee Kalt and Vocalist Xandra K. who ignited the guests’ urge to dance the night away.

Vinny Cammarata photo by Rob Rich/ ©2021

This inaugural soirée set the tone for Chuck’s Vintage future Annual Halloween events. The entertainment was spectacular, stretching through the night into the wee hours. A true indication of success.

Ania Jarmolowski, Steven Keene photo by Rob Rich/ ©2021

According to Mr. Vinnie Cammarata, his beloved Madeline Cammarata’s legacy lives on. Chuck’s Vintage in many ways reflects Madeline’s illustrious career as a model and her many inspirations. Famous for her work with denim, Madeline’s approach to fundamental aspects of fabric development is evident in her work.

A “Roaring Twenties” Red Carpet Soiree at Chuck’s Vintage NYC Flagship Store
Rob Rich/


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