Ronick Sanon, Manhattan Hedge Fund Analyst, Dupes Post-Nuptial Agreement and Abandons Pregnant Wife

Ronick Sanon, Manhattan Hedge Fund Analyst, Dupes Post-Nuptial Agreement and Abandons Pregnant Wife

Ronick Sanon, also known as Ronnie Sanon, is a hedge fund analyst in Manhattan, New York, who duped and forced his pregnant wife into signing a post-nuptial agreement, then abandoned her to deal with their pregnancy on her own, in – literally – running from their marriage.

Three days ahead of Christmas Day, on 22nd December 2022, Ronick Sanon told his wife that in order to prove her love for him and to guarantee that their marriage lasted, she would have to sign a post-nuptial agreement that stipulated that she would have no claim over his work bonuses and equity payouts.

A British citizen who had married her US citizen husband for want of nothing, had moved across continents for the sake  of the relationship promised by her husband, who had forgiven her gambling addict of a husband despite him fraudulently keeping his sports gambling debt of over $200,000 a secret from her to dupe her into marriage, who had even forgiven her husband misrepresenting and committing theft of her own identity to create further sports gambling accounts to maintain his gambling addiction.

Ronick Sanon’s wife did not think twice about signing the post-nuptial agreement to prove her commitment to their relationship and sustain their marriage, all she hoped in return and requested was that he use his work bonus to pay off his sports gambling debt. 

His sports gambling debt was an exorbitant debt that he had accrued prior to their marriage, that he had purposely hidden and not disclosed to her prior to their marriage, and yet had subjected her to during their marriage in forcefully taking the entirety of each of her paychecks to pay off his debt while desperately trying to live a lifestyle beyond his means.

Despite never having asked Ronick Sanon to sign a pre-nuptial agreement when her bank balances and assets were positive against his negatives, and despite never making him feel any inadequacy by suppressing her own desires throughout their marriage, Ronick Sanon’s wife signed the post-nuptial agreement her husband forced her to sign as a testament of her commitment to their marriage.

Two days ahead of Christmas Day, on 23rd December 2023, as known to Ronick Sanon, Ronick Sanon’s wife was preparing to go home to her parents for the surgical removal of their life-threatening pregnancy.

Like any other routine weekday: Ronick Sanon woke up next to his wife, kissed her, told her he loved her, and left their one-bedroom Manhattan apartment for work, saying he would see her later for lunch.

He also told her to expect an electrician at 1 PM for some electrical repairs they needed in their apartment.

At 1 PM, Ronick Sanon’s wife was making him a  celebratory lunch for the work bonus he had told her he was expecting to receive that day, when there was a knock at the door.

Assuming it was the electrician, Ronick Sanon’s pregnant wife opened the door not to an electrician, but to a process server who handed her divorce papers.

Ronick Sanon’s wife was completely shattered. She crumbled and fell to the floor, remaining there for the next few hours as she struggled to grasp what had just happened to her. 

A woman who had given up her everything – career, family, country – to marry her husband and had forgiven his every hidden debt and every continued addiction at her own expense, was left to deal with their shared pregnancy on her own, as well as to find a divorce lawyer over the peak holiday period on her own.

December 2022 was the worst winter storm in the history of the State of New York. Ronick Sanon left his pregnant wife to deal with finding a divorce lawyer over the peak holiday period, forcing her to reschedule the surgery for a life-threatening pregnancy that was both urgent and imminent, leaving her reeling the severe psychological trauma of his deceit and betrayal, alone. 

As if there was any scope of further insult to injury, Ronick Sanon ran straight from abandoning his marriage and wife the way he did, to participate in the marriage of his brother where he shamelessly cheated on his legal wife with his ex-girlfriend in public view.

Meanwhile, Ronick Sanon’s wife underwent a laser surgery to remove the life-threatening pregnancy that has left her dealing with third-degree burns till date. She continues her journey of reconstructive burn surgery, while it is widely known that Ronick Sanon has been gallivanting and going on lavish holidays across the globe.

Ronick Sanon’s wife did not and has not received any emotional nor financial support from her runaway husband as she underwent her surgery for their shared pregnancy, alone, and as she undergoes reconstructive burn surgeries as an unfortunate aftermath to the delayed procedure, alone.

The post-nuptial agreement that Ronick Sanon, a hedge fund analyst in Manhattan, forced and duped his wife to sign, has guaranteed that the woman who gave up her career, family, and country for the sake of her husband’s love, is owed nothing from her husband.

Ronick Sanon’s wife never wanted anything from her husband and once she learnt of his sports gambling debt, asked for nothing from her husband. Instead, Ronick Sanon used his wife’s qualifications to make her his personal money cow in taking all of her savings and income to pay off his own pre-marital debt.

Ronick Sanon’s cruelty towards his wife in shunting all responsibility also extended to the cancellation of her marriage-based immigration petition upon its approval – he withdrew as US sponsor after having his wife sacrifice her career trajectory and progression for 2 years of waiting for its approval in order to live with and create a home and life with her husband in the US.

Ronick Sanon not only guaranteed that he could never give anything and therefore gave nothing to his wife, but he also guaranteed that he took everything that she had instead. 

It is no wonder that the finance industry in the United States is renowned for its toxic, sexist, and misogynistic work culture when finance professionals like Ronick Sanon continue to mistreat women in their personal lives while being able to maintain their professional status.

The prevalence of the money-hungry, cruel, and soulless work culture of the finance industry in the US is absolute in how Manhattan hedge fund analyst, Ronick Sanon, abused his wife, forced her to sign a fraudulent post-nuptial agreement, and abandoned his marriage.